Real Estate Sabah Online's main objectives is to provide a FREE online marketplace for our clients to marketing their properties meanwhile enjoying the benefits of higher exposure rate and hence easing the process of selling or letting out their properties. 

Data Protection & Privacy

All details submitted by our clients are highly protected.

Rules & Regulations

1. Real Estate Sabah reserves the right whether to post your ads online and to remove your ads in the consequence of your notification to us via email to or the duration of advertising period which we think fit;

2. Real Estate Sabah reserves the right to resize the images and choosing the images to be advertised into Real Estate Sabah Website;

3. Should not include any irrelevant information, website links or any links to other sites into the description on the item advertised;

4. All information or images disclosed by you are treated to be accurate at all context, therefore Real Estate Sabah is completely out of the liabilities to the accurracy of the same;

5. Ads or images that is considered as immoral, discrimination or offensive to ethnic group, public or individual interest should not be included.